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She could never imagine that her desire for perfection, dedication to excellent customer service, love for Eyelash Extensions would establish Luxury Lashes as one of the best Eyelash Extensions company in the World, that one day dreams will come true and she will be regarded as one of the best and most talented, advanced eyelash stylist in the industry. Elena Maximova is graduated from Von Lee International School of Aesthetics and certified as an advanced Lash Stylist, using her aesthetic education Elena formulated safe method applying eyelash extensions to the natural lashes; her make up skills helped her to customize lash beauty design to compliment the natural beauty of the eyes.

Elena has wide knowledge in Skin Care and Make-up artistry, she is famous for her prestigious reputation, high standards and excellence.

elena lashes

Her advanced education, hard work, dedication to perfection brought her company to the new level- the destiny of success. We value and appreciate our costumers and will do our best to delight our clients and consumers. Our mission: we want all women around the world to feel beautiful and glamorous each and every day, and sometimes all it takes to get there is a touch of lashes - Luxury Lashes.

Our value: is pursuing excellence in everything that we do. Our Purpose: is enriching people lives with happiness and beauty. Luxury Lashes Stylists are ready to answer all of your eyelash extension questions and help you to extent the natural beauty of your eyes!

Luxury Lashes Stylist usually spend between min for a free consultation. During this consultation we talk about lashes: Beauty look, Design, Volume, Length to ensure we meet the desires of our clients. With the Luxury Lashes professional application you don't have to worry about damaging your natural lashes. Each lash is applied directly to the individual natural lashes, one at a time. This procedure is performed by a well-trained, certified professional to ensure beautiful results without damaging your lashes, and you can be assured that Luxury Lashes provides the highest quality and natural -looking extensions.

Luxury Lashes is simply one of the most dedicated lash companies in eyelash the extensions industry.

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Elena Maximova. Our mission: we want all women around the world to feel beautiful and glamorous each and every day, and sometimes all it takes to get there is a touch of lashes - Luxury Lashes Our value: is pursuing excellence in everything that we do.

Pause Play Close.In the Season Three Finaleshe became a vampire despite never wanting to be one. Elena had been struggling to live a normal life ever since her adoptive parents, Miranda and Grayson Gilbertdied in a car accident when she was seventeen years old. Her life also changed drastically as she and her friends are caught up in the supernatural world that surrounds them and are forced to face powerful supernatural enemies. Elena was described as a star student.

She was popular, sporty, smart, compassionate, empathetic, caring and friendly. She could be very vulnerable and a damsel in distress. Her actions and beliefs throughout the series have been most influenced by her on-and-off romantic relationships with the Salvatore brothers, as well as by her antagonistic relationship with Katerina Petrova.

In season oneElena was still coping with her parents' death when she meets a mysterious new student at Mystic Falls High SchoolStefan Salvatore. Elena and Stefan fall in love with each other. However, not long after that, Elena discovers that both Stefan and his brother, Damon, are vampires.

She also becomes aware of the existence of Katherine Pierce, the woman who turned the Salvatore brothers into vampires inand to whom Elena bears a striking physical resemblance. In the process, Elena discovers a shocking truth - she was adopted, and her real parents are John Gilberther "uncle", and Isobel FlemmingAlaric 's wife. Because of this, an Original VampireKlauswants to use her in a sacrifice to break an ancient curse. Despite Elena's and her friends' best efforts, the sacrifice takes place.

Her biological father, John, sacrificed his own life to keep Elena alive and human. However, Klaus killed Elena's aunt Jennaafter turning her into a vampire, leaving Jeremy her only blood relative left alive. After Jeremy's death in Season Fourat Damon's command to ease her pain, she turned off her humanity so she wouldn't have to feel all the guilt.

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Vampires in rare cases form a sire bond to the one who turned them, based on how strong their human feelings were before transitioning. After a brief time, she was finally able to regain her humanity after a surprising plan was carried out by Damon and Matt. During the events of Season FiveElena's body was also possessed by Katherine, who was attempting to escape her fate caused by the effects of the cure.

It took a while for Elena's friends to discover Katherine's deceit and when she diedshe left a 'little present' in the form of infecting Elena's body with a deadly toxinbut this was later cured. She and Damon got back together near the end of the season, but it was short-lived.

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After Stefan's shocking death, in order to bring him and others back from The Other Side, Damon, Elena and Caroline devised a plan, involving Olivia Parker performing a spell that the Travelers had used to bring back their leader, Markos.

However, the spell was interrupted before Damon could pass through the Anchor, Bonnie, and as the Other Side began to disintegrate, Elena and her friends were left heartbroken by their impending deaths. During Season SixElena decided to cope with Damon's death by using drugs to hallucinate him. However, these drugs enhanced her blood thirst and she decided to resort to a different mechanism which involves erasing her memories of loving Damon. After the memories of their relationship were erased, she began to see him as the selfish and arrogant person who killed her brother.

Elena Beauté Natural Skin Care

Soon after, Damon came back to life and she decided to give him a chance. She began to fall for him again after seeing his acts of attempting to rescue Bonnie from the prison worldand they start their relationship anew. She later learns of the cure that Bonnie brought back from the prison world and takes it, in the hopes of having a family again and a future with Damon to look forward too.

Things go well until Kai ruins Jo and Alaric's wedding and casts a sleeping spell on Elena, linking her life to Bonnie's. She makes a sacrifice to let Bonnie live out her life until it is her turn.

She bids goodbye to her friends and loved ones before parting ways but knows that she will see Damon, Stefan and Caroline again one day.

For most of her life, Elena lived at Maple Street, in the Gilbert family house.Lashes by Elena is my passion project and this is my page to share industry news, my work and general discussions on eyelash extensions. Lashes by Elena is my passion project and one that I am finally excited to share with you all. My passion for eyelash extensions began when I first tried the service for myself over 5 years ago.

I was instantly hooked! I couldn't believe the difference long, full lashes made on my overall appearance. My confidence was up and I felt beautiful all the time! My passion along with the mentorship of a local eyelash artist drove me to get certified and truly become obsessed with everything related to eyelash extensions.

I see myself as a part of an elite group of lash artists that demand only the highest quality and performance for their client's lashes. I do this to make you feel and look your best without compromising your natural lashes.

I may have been taught how to do lash extensions, but my curiosity and passion for eyelash extensions drives me to learn the 'why' behind every aspect of the process. From the tools, to the application and the retention and lash health. To perfect my craft, I need to practice and as such have passed on the savings to you.

My goal is to master the classic technique and move on to gain certification in the volume lash technique in the near future. This is what a beautiful classic set can look like!

Using the best in the industry!

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Great article on the truths around lash extensions! I am proud to use Sugar Lash products and al they are doing for the industry. Read all about the Do's or Don'ts to keep your lashes healthy and in the best condition that they can be.

Some of my latest work! Top picture shows lash set after 3 weeks! Super happy with retention and how good the lashes look. Hello lash lovers! This dry climate takes its toll on my nails and hair, including my natural eyelashes.

Great skin, hair and nails start from the inside and not only with the products we use on the surface.

The Vampire Diaries: Elena Gilbert Inspired Makeup Tutorial

So, along with a healthy diet, I started taking these vitamins 2 weeks ago and am already seeing a difference in my nails and hair! Lashes by Elena website goes live! So much so that I decided to get certified as a lash extension stylist.

elena lashes

I have been practicing on a select group of family and friends, and am now ready to start lashing more regularly to perfect my craft. I love to talk lashes! Bonus offer: I will give you a free fill for a referral! Limit one per person. I love giving Christmas gifts, Jingle Django started from this! Christmas ornaments and advent calendars are all made from reused and recycled material.

Follow us for new collections, nail art, and updates; message us to place orders! Younique offers high quality, ethical products to enhance your beauty. Because you're worth it!

elena lashes

Welcome Beauty's! This page is about innovative and natural products. Professional highly pigmented makeup and amazing all natural skincare to fight aging.Wake up already made up, have fun and look wonderful in any situation with your individual eyelash extensions! Every girl and women is likely to dream of a luxurious, black, long and curved eyelashes but unfortunately not all are awarded by nature with a gorgeous framed eyes.

Individual eyelash extensions is the perfect solution for those who want to look chic and forget about the mascara! Wake up already made up, do a morning run, swim and sunbathe on the beach, have fun and look wonderful in any situation! My name is Elena and I am a certified master of eyelash extensions.

Have been in this business for a while I can definitely state I adore my job. And the reason is so simple - there is no greater pleasure than to see the shining eyes of my happy and beautiful ladies after my little help Glamorous 3D-4D Russian Volume lashes. Classic wedding lashes - and you could have as many happy tears as you want as nothing would spoil that lovely natural look!

What could be better than that? The Christmas is nearly here and if you still don't know what to get your loved ones - spoil them with a gift certificate to treat your dearest ladies with a set of fabulous lashes! We all love so much to be pampered so what could be better than giving such a gift!

Looking beautiful is something we always need and always appreciate having! I have clients coming to me with damaged eyelashes due to having poor treatments else where. And before giving you the the reasons of damaging your natural lashes while doing eyelash extensions I would like to say yet again - please be very careful when you choose the technician to do your eyelashes! Because when the extensions are applied and removed correctly, there will be no damage to your natural eyelashes whatsoever!

In this case the lashes are glued together. As they always grow with the different speed, the growing lash pulls others which are glued to it. This causes the discomfort and the loss of natural eyelashes.

Also it takes long to remove them as if I pull one lash the rest which are glued to it could be pulled off easily. I had few clients when I spent more than an hour just to remove such badly done lashes. The second reason is when the extensions are glued too close to the skin. That causes the irritation as they are touching the skin all the time.

These lashes will not last long as the feeling of irritation will hardly disappear by itself — so you would rather pull them off or go to the proper technician who would remove them and put a new set on.

elena lashes

Heavy thick extensions can cause premature loss of natural eyelashes. It is important to choose the right thickness and thus the right weight of the extensions. The fourth reason is the attempt of removing eyelashes by yourself. Dear girls, please never do that! The glue usually holds on very firmly.

Elena Beauté Natural Skin Care

Only a specially trained technician can do the removing. To do this the special adhesives together with a tweezers will be used. And if you use all kinds of oils, lotions and so on you will only hurt or pull off your natural lashes. So before going to the new place do a good research - listen to the recommendations, read the reviews and see the real pictures! And look gorgeous!

You would not believe but the most lashes I do are just mm longer than your natural lashes are. Just look what a change the extensions make - first they show how many natural lashes you actually have as every lash comes on top of your natural lash and you get the volume, and the length is so visible! No clogged spider lashes - just a lovely long natural look!

And that's to stay for all month with no need of mascara, eyeliner or strips! Do you want to wake up with these?Add to cart. The light weight almond oil base is loaded with vitamins to promote a younger, fresher and more radiant skin tone. This lightweight serum is quickly absorbed, reducing dry and cracked skin on all parts of the body. Apply a pea size amount evenly across your skin, concentrating on dry areas, fine lines and wrinkles.

The glycerin and silk protein base acts as a natural water absorbent that will help the skin retain moisture. While glycerin and silk proteins work together to retain moisture, the aloe vera will sink deep into your pores, moisturizing the delicate skin around your eyes. For best results apply a small amount twice daily under the eyes and surrounding areas.

Our ultra-firming neck cream is loaded with Vitamin E and essential oils that can deliver a calming effect to the skin. For optimal results apply a generous amount three to four times daily concentrating on the belly, hips and waist. Beautiful skin is a reflection of your health and energy. Your skin is a living organ that seeks healthy nourishment.

Generations of women have sought skin care products that replenish and maintain the natural youthfulness of the skin. The grape seed and olive oil base has a natural regenerative power over the skin that will leave it feeling soft and smooth.

Your personal beauty routine should be an easy and beautiful compliment to your day. Our products have been expertly created to add natural, organic simplicity to enhance your every day life, look and beauty. Natural Skin Care. Handcrafted for you. For best results, use morning and night. Apply pumps of cleanser into your palm and gently massage into your face.

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Foaming Facial Cleanser. GOLD Moisturizer. Baby Momma Belly Balm. The Best Ingredients. Essential Oils Used in Our Products.

Wild Rose. Our Star Products. Eyse Moisturizing Eye Cream.Katy is a city just west of Houston, in Texas. The rapid growth and development of upscale retail space has created a demand for a variety of services and the lack of quality eye lash extension services in the Katy area has allowed Elena Mc Lash to fill the void with professional lash extension services.

Book Now. Local to Katy we are here to provide our lash and makeup services and also to share information so that you can become more familiar and have a broader knowledge and understanding about Lash Extensions, the application process, the materials and care and maintenance.

These are all very important subjects when making a decision to have eyelash extensions applied but lets not forget about style! For example.

The classic style lash extensions add length to the natural eyelash. They make the lashes more noticeable by extending their length and adding a darker color to the lash. While cat eye style extensions tend to focus more lashes applied to the outer area for a more open look. Book a consultation today and let us help you find the right product, look and style that best fits your needs. Our professional eye lash extension and lash lift services are performed in our studio located in salon park in Katy Texas.

Our Lash Extension Specialists are licensed, certified professionals who maintain the highest industry standards. We use products of only the highest quality available on the market, and our lash technicians receive training from the global leader in the eyelash extension industry. Even if your lashes are curly, short, straight, or pointing downward, the natural artistic skills of our stylists help them make your lashes beautiful. The Hybrid technique is a combination of two different lash application techniques rolled into one set of lashes.

For example; individual classic Extend, one false lash extension on one isolated natural lash combined with Russian Volume, multiple lash extensions on one natural lash. Our talented makeup artist will give you the flawless makeover you are searching for. From the traditional, beautiful makeup application, to sporting the newest current trend out of any glamour magazine, we perfect it so when you walk into a room, the first thing people see is a beautiful you, not your makeup.

Mason Rd. Menu 0. Lash Extensions. Slide Professional Makeup. Flawless Makeovers. Overlays Share Tweet.To navigate between checked links, you can either use your mouse or use keyboard shortcuts. Use your left and right arrow keys to move up and down the list, and "e" to edit a link. Link Checker is currently not available for Code Your Own template options, including Paste in code, Import Zip, and Import HTML.

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